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Transport & logistic solutions


Road Transport

We use modern and environmentally friendly trucks, intelligent transport planning software and the latest telematics systems so we can guarantee you a fast and secured delivery.


Logistics Service

We give you the freedom to focus on your core business, by handling every aspect of your logistics needs. Inbound, outbound, around the world or around the corner, Solam manages every detail, and assures trouble- free operation.


Customer Service

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can be of support. Whether you have a specific question or are looking for general advice, our experts are ready to help you as quickly as possible.



We have 20 trailers which 17 of them are refridgerated, 2 of them are boxed and one of them is with tarpaulin.


Thermo Trucks

Sliced vegetables, cream puffs, salads, cheese, fresh fruit; you name it, we transport it. Well, if it concerns super fresh products that need to be transported very fast and chilled.



You have a driver at your disposal at a fixed rate. We will calculate the most profitable solution without obligations. Most of our vehicles are ADR-equipped and our drivers are constantly being trained.


Solam has more than 10 years’ experience in the transport business. Whether you need express transport, a distribution round or a custom made project, we always offer the ideal solution. Do you have some urgent documents, packages, palletized goods or dangerous goods (ADR) to be shipped? Our courier service is at your disposal. We pick up your goods and carry them directly to the addressee. That way we can ensure you a fast and proper delivery.

Meet our team

A good business needs a professional team. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remain our top priority. We very much value everyone’s understanding in this matter. We are here to help and support our employees, customers and partners, during these challenging times.

We started this business with a few trucks and drivers. Now, we have more than 30 trucks and drivers. Hard work pays off!

- Elvin Kosiolu Business Manager - Solam

Our goal is always to grow our business. This can only be done by satisfying your clients and offering a good service.

- Mutlu Eryürük Administrative Manager - Solam

If you want to make big steps, you have to think big and invest. We've never doubted to invest in new trucks and good drivers!

- Turay Kosiolu Transport Manager - Solam